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They are a good way to add color and some bling to your home’s most utilized space, without branking the bank!When deciding upon the use of this particularkitchen lighting design you should ask yourself a couple of basic questions.The sheer variety of styles, colors and designs makes kitchen pendant lighting a great option for almost any kitchen.Here’s a couple of great kitchen lighting tips on how to best use pendant lighting.Shades that are open on the bottom create brighter spot lights beneath them; ones with open tops, such as a drum shades, also bounce light off the ceiling.Depending on the light placement such as over a kitchen island, space the fixtures evenly, typically 24 to 30 inches between the centers of the shades, for the best look.How big of a pendant do I really need?So when it comes time to do a beautiful kitchen lighting design or re-design for the “hub of the home”, remember, kitchen pendant lighting is not only cost effective, but beautiful, functional, and energy efficient.Click Here!for more information on how to get the best design for your kitchen.

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